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Tiffany In-Home Services

Quality personal and homemaking care
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If you or a family member or other loved one needs help with physical needs -- and you'd rather receive that help at home than in a hospital or nursing facility -- Tiffany In-Home Services can be an effective and affordable answer.

Tiffany In-Home Services provides five types of care: Respite Care; Personal Care; Advanced Personal Care; Homemaker/Chore Care; and Nurse Visits. Our offices serve fifty-six counties throughout Missouri.

All services are provided on a temporary, limited, or ongoing full-time basis in the client's home by skilled, thoroughly trained personnel. All services qualify for Medicaid reimbursements and are also available on a private pay basis.

Tiffany In-Home Services are available without regard to a client's race, creed, color, age, sex, or national origin. Our clients are treated with respect and dignity. All personal and medical information is kept confidential. Our clients have direction over the services they receive, to the degree possible within the authorized service plan. All clients receive a copy of the code of ethics under which services are provided.

TIS St. Joseph
St. Joseph, MO
TIS Brookfield
Brookfield, MO
TIS Maryville
Maryville, MO
TIS Cameron
Cameron, MO
TIS Excelsior Springs
Excelsior Springs, MO
TIS Macon
Macon, MO
TIS Sedalia
Sedalia, MO
TIS Kirksville
Kirksville, MO
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TIS Director
Mark Scates, RN, BSN, MBA
(816) 387-8860

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